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Product Care & Safety Guides


Candle Safety Guide

Never leave a burning candle unattended and never burn near anything flammable.

Always burn GPR candles for no less than 1hr and no more than 3hrs at a time. This ensures the full top layer of the wax melts allowing the candle to burn down evenly. 

Trim wicks to 5mm before burning candle. Remove all wick trimmings and debris from candle before lighting. This prevents ignition and keep jar free of sooting. If sooting appears wipe candle with paper towel once candle is safely extinguished and cooled.

Candle container may become hot especially nearing the bottom of the burn. Do not move or handle candle until candle is extinguished, the jar has cooled and wax is solid.

Always burn candle on a flat heat resistant surface away from drafts.

Keep away from children and pets.

Do not extinguish with water or candle lid.

Discontinue use when less than 14mm wax remains in bottom of jar.

Store in cool dry place away from sunlight to prevent fading, changes to glass adhesion and melting.


Natural Stone & Marble Care

Your stone item will be professionally sealed prior to delivery, this will add resistance to staining, however stone is a porous material and stains are always possible.

Never use harsh detergents or liquids to clean your stone.

In the event of spills, please wash stone immediately with warm water. 

Stone plaque should be securely fitted into position or placed on a flat surface to prevent breakage.

In the event of damage or stains to your product please feel free to contact us as we are only too happy to provide further advice.